welcome to the history of silknhoop

two years ago, one long night, a silk scarf fell into my hands. I've tied it rudimentary to my hoop...

#silknhoop was born. during the past year, i have been looking for the best and easiest way to connect a silk scarf to a hulahoop, without twisting or tangling the scarf.

here is the finished product and i'm excited to see this new flowprop fly out into the world.

after the first request came for an international hulahoop convention to teach silknhoop, i produced my first self-dyed silk scarves. mixing the colors myself and producing perfect gradients fills me with great satisfaction and love. every piece ran through my own hands and to see this work now in this webshop makes me proud.

special thanks to my daughter liuna for pushing me in to this and making all this great pics!

if you have any questions about silknhoop, shipping, ordering etc:

update on shipping: i ship worldwide! welcome back US!

up date from 11/10/2021:

the new collection is verry limited because of selling already a lot for my own students in real life (i am so so surprised)! stay tuned for more to come in a few days! id seams that silknhoop is going to be a thing out there! that makes me incredibly happy!

Terms & Conditions for ordering silks:

If you order one piece, you get one single silk with one connector, to connect to your own single hoop

Add 2 pieces or add 1 pair  to your shopping bag for a pair.

your hoop needs a pushbutton, this is the easiest way to take on and off the silks from your hoop

the colors may differ from the sales foto

Your order will be processed within 3-5 Days

Please note that the shipping to some countries can take up to 6 Weeks due to Covid19 international post problems.

Notice: In some Countries there can be Boardercoasts, on which andeli has no influence and which can vary from country to country.

If you are not satisfied with the goods. send me an email to andeli@ande.li

If you want to return the gooods, the shipping costs to switzerland are at your expense. You can not shipping a good back without contacting andeli@ande.li before


Wenn du 1 Stück bestellst, bekommst du einen einzelnen Silk mit einem Connector, um den Silk an deinem Hoop zu befestigen

Pack 2 Stück oder 1 Pair in deinen Warenkorb für ein Paar Silks

Dein Hoop braucht ein Pushbutton, das ist der einfachste Weg, den Silk an und wieder weg zu nehmen von deinem Hoop.

Die Farben können minim abweichen vom Bild

Deine Bestellung wird innerhalb von 3-5 Tagen bearbeitet.

Bitte beachte, dass das Versenden in teils Länder bis zu 6 Wochen dauern kann, wegen Covid19 sind die Zollämter überlastet!

Zollkosten: In einigen Ländern kann es sein, dass der Postbote Zollkosten berechnet, auf diese Kosten hat Andeli keinen Einfluss!

Falls du Probleme mit dem Produkt hast, sende mir eine email an andeli@ande.li

Bei einer abgesprochenen retournierung übernimmst du die versandkosten in die schweiz.

how to connect a silk to a hoop