"playfull limited with silknhoop" 1& 2 Hoops with connectors to open /beginner-advanced



something verry unique, explore your hooping in a complete different way)

SilknHoop devloped by andeli is a compeletly new expirience in single or double hooping. Add the silks to your hoop means: Oh look a new tool in my hands! You may be limitet in your hoop movement but your bodymovement have to be extrem expressive. Extention is all! It makes you playfull and creative you will create stunning patterns. The awareness of turning silks around you is one of the best expiriences i ever had! Silks and connectors to share and buy available by Andeli.

(Limited workshop-space max 20 participants in the hall we need a lot of space!)

vortex yourself free

"vortex your self free" 1 Hoop/should be able to do a basic vortex  

(tech, good for flow awareness)


Good old vortex in a new shape. Vortexing in all directions, in all planes with important footwork and funny variations. Explore a oldie but goldie movement and bring your flow awarness to a new level! Stay tuned for the magic vortex circle by the end of the workshop, an incredible group vortex!

stepthrough jumpsies

"step through jumpsies"  1& 2 Hoops/beginner-advanced

(tech & playfull)



Oldscool stepthroughs? Give them more movement and explore a funny world of jumping and turns! 

In this workshop i will teach you my favourite step throughs and funny variations of it. Be ready to jump in/out and around with me! Learn creative and happy ways to step througth your hoop and out! It’s all about jumping and rhythm!  Includet Combo with it! (warmup with chinese jumprope puts a smile on everyones face)

flow yourself beauty

"flowdance yourself beautiful with music backflash" all props/beginner-advanced

(selfexploring, dancing, bodymovement & experimental hoopdance) 

This workshop is about exploring your own flow and turns up your personal creativity to a new level. you create with tasks and inputs from me your own sequence/choreo. I guide you through bodymovements, speed, levels, attitude and repetition. You work with music styles, with different speed and feelings.  This workshop is possible for all flowartprops. 

Top Secret:(Searching music prefernces by Andeli in the time before the workshop makes this workshop to a verry funny music journey, i prefere to go through the music what the participants heard when they was teenager. If i have 90 Minutes i like to let them show up



wedgie madness

"wedgie madness"

1&2 hoops beginner-advanced

(crazy tech)



wedgies variations till you drop, funny entries and new exits. we work on openleg style wedgie, a creative way to dance and move with it! interessting ways to play wedgies with two hoops in to planets, stepthrougs and onbody hooping. wedgie sequences and dancy moments! i am obsessed with this move and love to share my wedgies, mixed with stepthroughs! Notice: all the double wedgies are also single wedgies!